Elizabeth Hays, Duke School Parent

By volunteering, you make a statement of support for the mission and activities of the Duke School community. Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours, prefer exercising your leadership skills or following a plan — your ideas, time, and talents are truly needed. And it demonstrates to your child your commitment to their success.
Duke School's success is largely due to the extraordinary parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends who volunteer to support events and programs throughout the school. All Duke School parents/guardians are members of our most important committee  the Parent School Organization (PSO). Duke School's PSO seeks to promote and coordinate volunteer efforts to support Duke School, its mission and core values through community building, service, and fundraising activities. Volunteering, in addition to providing enormous benefits to Duke School, also provides parents with opportunities to be involved in the Duke School community, meet other parents, and get to know the school in new ways. There are numerous volunteer activities to accommodate busy schedules and different skills and interests. The PSO coordinates many of the parent volunteer opportunities. Parent volunteerism is a strong value of the Duke School community and one that is deeply appreciated by the faculty and staff.

Together we can create fun, meaningful and memorable experiences for our whole community!  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in the Classrooms
Contact your classroom teacher, the PSO chairs, or your class liaison to sign up!
  • Class Liaison
  • Project/Guest Experts
  • Lunch Coverage
  • Book Reader
  • Picture Day Helper
Volunteer for Duke School Events
  • Event Helper
  • PSO Committee Chair or Member
Parents are the backbone of Duke School, serving our community in countless ways and ensuring bright futures for our children.

Give something that's priceless  your time!
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