Dragon Fund

Duke School produces outstanding students who are independent learners, thinkers, decision-makers, and problem solvers.

Without a doubt, it is a magical place for students and their teachers!

We benefit from strong philanthropic support from trustees, parents, grandparents, past parents, and friends.  Dragon Fund gifts are targeted where they have the largest impact on the education of all of our students: professional development, technology, and financial assistance. Your gift allows our students to interact and learn with the best technology, enables our teachers to remain at the cutting edge of their profession, and helps families, that otherwise could not afford a Duke School education, to attend school.

Every annual Dragon Fund gift is a statement of support and commitment to Duke School and the kind of education we provide to our students.

Last year, we raised over $350,000 and more than 500 trustees, parents, grandparents, past parents, and friends made such a statement. We ask you to join them.

If you are associated with a company that matches gifts, your gift can be increased with that match. If you have any questions or wish to give securities, please contact the Development Office.

Please join our Duke School community in giving to the 2023-24 Dragon Fund!

*For more information about independent school giving and fundraising, check out "The Independent School Parent Series - Gifts That Give Back." 



We love to celebrate and recognize all of our donors and do so in the school’s Annual Report. Donors will be recognized according to the giving clubs they have joined based upon their gifts. If you would like to remain anonymous, please contact the Development Office. If you have not yet participated, we ask you to click on GIVING to make a secure donation online. Please know that we are grateful for your support.

Duke School Giving Clubs
Founder's Club $10,000+
Under the Oak Club $5,000-9,999
Hull Avenue Club $2,500-4,999
Erwin Road Club


Dragon's Club $500-999
Maroon Club $250-499
Donors Club $1-249