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Wednesday, August 22, will be our first day of school for the 2018-19 school year! Wondering what is needed before your child(ren) begins school next year? Please see Additional Information. 
Duke School Summer Camp 2018

Week 7, July 30-August 3

Camp Discovery: Summer Fun!
Ages 4-5 
Join Michael and Amanda for a week of crafts, playing with new friends, and endless adventures! Summer has so much to offer and at Camp Discovery: Summer Fun we'll soak it all up! Come explore with us! 
Directors: Michael Kithart and Amanda Sublett 

Ages 5-7
Problem-solvers and puzzlers unite! We will work on jigsaw puzzles, complete scavenger hunts, and find the correct pathway in “human maze”. We will also get crafty, making our own puzzles and creating our own board games! This camp combines problem-solving and creativity. We will make paper airplanes and test them, seeing what makes the airplanes fly farthest, highest, or fastest.  After crafting we will break up our day by getting up to dance and move to Go Noodle games.
Director: Annie Poole
Books on Plates
Ages 5-7
Jalapeño Bagels, Dragons Love Tacos, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and Spaghetti with a Yeti are just a few of the books we will dive into during this fantastic camp creating book inspired recipes. Ever wanted to try Harry Potter's butterbeer? Along with cooking and enjoying a variety of treats (including butterbeer cupcakes), campers will also enjoy games and crafts related to each book.  Let's get ready to bake!!
Director: Jeannine Montgomery

Bots & Bodies
Ages 6-11
Humanoid robots, yep they’re really out there. Learn about how humans move, breathe and think to make your robot creation more human-like. Explore AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning with Smart Devices! 
Director: Camp TechTerra

Sports Variety
Ages 8-15
Get in the game! Sports Variety camp offers an assortment of positive sports experiences for your child while also emphasizing good sportsmanship, developing good character, the value of regular exercise, and the importance of working together as a team. Campers will venture off campus for some more adventures that may include trips to Jordan Lake, bowling, Triangle Sportsplex, and others. Campers will have a memorable week both indoors and out!
Director: Aden Darity
Everything Water
Ages 8-14
Everything water, every day! We'll go to the pool, canoeing or kayaking, perfect our water balloon tactics, swish down the slip n slide, make ice pops, take a trip to Jordan Lake, go ice skating and many more fun, water themed activities. Come and beat the heat with us!

Director: Josh Allman

Rock N Roll
Ages 10-15
Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished player, we've got a band for you! Join camp director Jim McConnell for an incredible week of rock n' roll. Campers participating in Rock N' Roll camp are grouped with other campers based upon age, ability and musical interests. During the week campers work on original music as well as classic rock tunes. Each band is assigned a producer who prepares the band for its debut performance. After a week of instruction, rehearsals and teamwork, bands takes the stage and perform a set in our camp concert! Drum sets and keyboards provided.


Maker Camp
Ages 8-13
Welcome to the Maker Movement! Maker Camp is inspired by the maker movement, which brings together people who like to create, make and explore - all while having FUN! Campers in Duke School’s Maker Camp will have opportunities to tinker, question, experiment, try something new, challenge themselves, work in teams, and get a little messy! Join us for a week of “making” awesome projects, virtual "field trips," and connecting with like-minded young makers from around the world on Google+. Maker Camp will inspire your camper to embrace their inner maker, get their hands dirty, fix some things, break some things, and have a lot of fun doing it!
Director: Willie Nicholson

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