Duke School Summer Camp 2018

Week 4, July 9-13

Camp Discovery: Space Jam
Age 4-5
Join us as we travel the galaxy. We’ll take a look at the phases of the moon using cookies, our galaxy by making toothpick constellations and craft rocket ships to take us to places unknown.
Director: Kerry Holbrook and Edie Poole
Creative Crafting
Ages 5-7
Get ready for all things art! We will get creative and crafty with new projects each day. We will make critters out of sculpey clay, decorate pillow cases with fabric paint, and do scratch art, as well as make shrink-art keychains, jewelry, and fuse beads! We will break up our day by getting up to dance and move to Go Noodle games. In the afternoon, we will make trail mix and get out of our smocks for some group games like beanbag toss, a nature scavenger hunt, and sponge ball toss to cool down on a hot day.
Director: Annie Poole

Yoga, Art & Exploration Camp
Ages 5-9
Explore yoga, art, and the outdoors during this unique camp! Each day will be based on an exciting theme that your camper will love. They will learn the importance of working together, enjoying nature, slowing down, and reflecting through art, yoga, and outdoor exploration.
Director: Emily Behr
TGA Tennis Camp
Ages 5-12
Over the past year TGA Premier Youth Tennis Chapter Director Stefan Gabler has worked with Duke School to develop a fun and enriching tennis program as part of our Dragon Quest program. We are excited to continue this partnership by offering a TGA Tennis summer camp for 2017! TGA’s age-appropriate multi-level tennis curriculum focuses on instilling a passion for tennis within each child while promoting advancement, achievement, and the attainment of life skills that can be utilized both on and off the tennis court. For our younger campers, TGA employs the USTA’s QuickStart Tennis format, which utilizes equipment, court dimensions, and scoring that is tailored to accommodate younger campers age and size. We’ll use Duke School’s outdoor courts in the cooler morning hours, and move to the MS Gym for indoor tennis with portable nets in the event of rain or excessive heat.
Offered in Partnership with TGA Premier Youth Tennis of Durham
Young Explorers: Nature, Art, and Cooking
Ages 6-9
Here’s your chance to take walks in the woods, play in the creek, make nature inspired art, and prepare different foods! Campers will learn how to prepare foods from guacamole, to pasta, to cookies, and have fun eating them for snack. Additionally, we will create paper mache animals and other art projects. This is a great camp for creative, adventurous, and outdoor loving young people. Remember to bring extra shoes that you can walk in the creek with!
Director: Michael Gilbert
REV Engineers
Ages 10-15
Campers enter into the world of engineering and robotics with Arduinos as they wire, build, and code their custom Creator Bots! This class is great for the hands-on tinkerers and engineers of tomorrow who love to figure out how things work and put robots and circuits together. We also focus on the code - as campers code their Creator Bots to conquer fun challenges and then learn to code their Arduinos to integrate motors, lights, sounds, claws, sensors, and more! Campers race their bots at the end of the week!
Director: CodeREV
I Could Write A Book...
Ages 10-15
Do you have an idea for a novel? Spend the week doing group and individual fiction-writing exercises, and brainstorm, outline, and strategize the writing of your own novel. Learn how to break a novel project into smaller pieces, what to tackle first, and what to save for later.
Beginner Quilting
Ages 11-15
Learn to create and quilt beautiful geometric designs with a sewing machine. Campers will spend the week planning and designing their custom pattern and sewing their own artistic wall quilt. Experience with a sewing machine is helpful, but beginners are welcome!
Director: Meghan Morris
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