Duke School Summer Camp 2018

Week 1, June 18-22

Camp Discovery: Tinkering and Making for Young Artists and Inventors
Ages 4-5
Join us for a week of playful exploration and creative thinking. We will use art media, craft supplies, fabric, “useful junk,” and whatever else we can get our hands on that sparks our imagination and gets our creative juices flowing. We want to design, build, and explore, to discover our most creative and inventive selves!
Directors: Eman Elmani and Emily Taft
Fairytale Camp
Ages 5-7
Explore the worlds of fairies, dragons, pirates, and more! Each day will have a different theme, like pirates and mermaids; magical creatures; and kings, queens, and castles. We will get crafty by decorating pirate scopes, making fairy houses, and building castles. Bring your thinking cap, because we will also read pirates maps and go on treasure hunts!
Director: Annie Poole
¡Vamosa bailar y cocinar! Let’s Dance and Cook!
Ages 5-8
Come learn with Carla some folkloric dances from Mexico and make your own afternoon snack. At the end of the week, we will invite parents to see their camper’s performance.
Director: Carla Horta 

Calculated Fun!
Ages 6-9
Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7-ATE-9. In this camp we will learn and share math jokes and play math games with materials and online in the mornings. In the afternoons we will use our measurement and fraction skill in cooking delicious afternoon snacks. This camp is perfect for those inspired by math and interested in learning a few cooking skills as well! 
Director: Michael Gilbert
Sports Variety
Ages 8-15
Get in the game! Sports Variety camp offers an assortment of positive sports experiences for your child while also emphasizing good sportsmanship, developing good character, the value of regular exercise, and the importance of working together as a team. Campers will venture off campus for some more adventures that may include trips to Jordan Lake, bowling, Triangle Sportsplex, and others. Campers will have a memorable week both indoors and out!
Director: Aden Darity

Wilderness Skills/Classical Japanese Sword
Ages 8-15
Campers will spend mornings learning the key basics for common survival situations. Both modern and primitive techniques will be covered so that campers are prepared for a variety of hypothetical situations, from getting lost on a hike for a day to true survival situations with limited equipment. Camp sessions will cover a wide variety of both hands-on experience and theory, such as the “survival priorities” of shelter, water, fire, and food. In addition to tangible survival knowledge, this camp offers an incredible experience in thinking outside the box, improvising and adapting according to situational factors, leadership experience, and a chance to simply be outside and play in the woods! In the afternoons, campers will learn the ancient art of samurai sword fighting. Kenjutsu, or sword fighting skills, provide students with an exciting opportunity to train in a traditional form while gaining discipline, physical stamina, and knowledge of ancient, historical sword fighting techniques. All techniques will be taught utilizing ActionFlex foam swords and protective headgear, which allow students to train in a SAFE, energetic and high-intensity environment. In addition to the traditional forms and techniques, students will learn about the historical and cultural influences of the Samurai and Ninja in ancient Japan, and will also learn about sword theory and safety. 
Director: Hardee Merritt and staff from Chapel Hill Quest Center
Virtual Reality 3D Game Design
Ages 10-15
Campers build amazing Virtual Reality compatible 3D video games using the Unity 3D platform, a widely used pro game making tool, as they learn to code their games using real code. Then their games turn to life, as campers dive inside Virtual Reality to explore their games first hand in a virtual environment that they created themselves!
Director: CodeREV
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