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Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Grandparents & Special Friends Day is a very special event at Duke School. Grandparents are honored by their grandchildren, faculty and staff with a morning filled with music, classroom visits, art and lunch. 

Grandparents are also the first guests to Duke School's art gallery, the Art Expo - featuring artwork of all preschool through eighth grade students. After the program's end, The Art Expo will be open to the entire Duke School community from 3-6 PM.

All Duke School grandparents will receive an invitation to this event by mail. Wish to add a grandparent or special friend's address to this mailing? Please contact the Development Office. Thank you for joining us!

Student Presentation at the 2018 Grandparents & Specials Friends Day

    • "Equity Isn't Equality" by Olivia Aitkin

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

The Art Expo

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