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Wednesday, August 22, will be our first day of school for the 2018-19 school year! Wondering what is needed before your child(ren) begins school next year? Please see Additional Information. 

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Duke School offers an unmatched academic and social foundation in which one year builds upon the next. Eighth graders get to lead, role model, and contribute to the community in ways that empower each of them. Project work starts as early as preschool and grows more sophisticated each year. And our small class sizes allow teachers to form close relationships with students and families—and to tailor instruction to the needs and interests of the individual. Best of all about Duke School, our students and families become part of a tight-knit community built around a shared love of learning. And that shared love of learning stays with our students for life.

The Following forms are required for Admissions:

Important Dates

Applications: First Round
  • Friday, January 5, 2018: Preschool (3 & 4-yr-olds) - Kindergarten
  • Friday, January 12, 2018: First - Eighth Grade
  • Friday, January 26, 2018: Admission paperwork must be complete (due by 4 PM)
Applications: Second Round
  • Saturday, January 6 - summer 2018: Preschool (3 & 4-yr-olds) - Kindergarten, as spots are available
  • Saturday, January 13 - summer 2018: First - Eighth Grade, as spots are available
Decision Notifications
  • Friday, February 9, 2018: First round decisions for Preschool - Kindergarten
  • Friday, March 2, 2018:  First round decisions for First - Eighth Grade
            Spring and summer second round decisions will be notified individually.

Indexed Tuition Application
  • Tuesday, January 19, 2018: Application due via TADS (new families)
  • Friday, February 9, 2018 (Preschool - Kindergarten): Indexed Tuition grant information included with acceptance packets
  • Friday, March 2, 2018 (First- Eighth Grade): Indexed Tuition grant information included with acceptance packets
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