Packing Your Lunch for School

Third grader Kara and her mom Nancy shares their tips on how to prepare for lunch packing.

Message from third grader,  Kara Joyce, to Duke School Students:

You should really pack your own lunch. Plan ahead for the week and cut up all the vegetables at the same time. Use reusable bags to be nice to the environment and because we don't want to make "Plastic Island" any bigger. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits in different colors. Make sure you have a healthy lunch with bread, vegetables/fruit and a protein. You do not need to eat meat- there are different types of protein. The hot/cold container is really cool and can be used to keep fruit cold or spaghetti hot. Drink lots of water and don't forget a fun snack!

Message from parent Nancy Joyce (Kara's mom), to fellow Duke School Parents: 

As a parent – I’ve been packing or supervising packing of lunch and snacks for six years now. Many children are fine with repetition and do not need different lunches each day. I packed the exact same foods every day for two years in preschool. For every child that has a gorgeous Bento box lunch, there is another child who is happy eating baby carrots, string cheese and popcorn every day.  Involving the child in lunch prep is also a great way to make them take responsibility and learn more about what they are eating. For those of you with multiple children, I’ve seen some parents with fabulous assembly line prep skills! Do as much of the prep work as possible on the weekends, then just throw different items into bags in the morning. 

Volunteering for lunch coverage can also give ideas of what other kids in the class are eating (or make you insanely jealous of some parents lunch packing skills). Happy packing! 
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