The Bee Hotel

Duke School's 2017-18 second graders builds bee hotels on campus.

During Amy and Tery's second grade "Critters in the Wild" project last fall, students noticed a problem – pollinators were dying. After researching the problem, they realized humans are part of the problem. This inspired them to become part of the solution instead.

Second graders visited a Bee Hotel in Hillsboro, NC, and even met with the architect. Using the design thinking process, they combined their knowledge of architectural design with what they knew about bees to create their own hotels. Students then met with Dave, the head of school, Nicole, the Lower School director, and visiting educators to pitch their idea and ask for permission to build on campus. Dave was impressed and asked, “When do you need an answer?” Student Avi answered…“Now.”

The answer was yes! Keep an eye out for this new addition to our campus! 
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