Duke School's PSO L.I.F.E. Committee

Duke School's PSO Diversity Committee introduces its new name and mission.

We all want the best for our children. We want them to have a good education, to be nurtured, to be safe, to be strong and independent, to feel confident and safe to grow into their own, to be respectful, to be respected, to be thinkers, to make good choices and care for others. Although it may be true that we can assume we all have this in common, it’s also true that our children’s experiences can be vastly different. Without talking to each other and sharing our experiences and those of our children, we lose an important opportunity to learn from one another and, ideally, to play an active role in fostering a culturally competent environment in our community.
Over the past several months, members of the Duke School Diversity Committee participated in numerous discussions and workshops, revisiting what the PSO would look like, with the goal of establishing a clear mission statement. It was agreed that striving for and supporting a diverse community is an ongoing process, and that communication is crucial. Additionally, this is important work for all members of the Duke School community. With that idea in mind, the Diversity PSO is now called the Duke School L.I.F.E. Committee:
Equity & Empowerment
Our mission:
PSO Duke School L.I.F.E. Committee members serve as ambassadors, advocates, and learners to ensure a culturally competent and inclusive Duke School community.
We hope that all parents will consider joining us in this endeavor, whether it be joining the PSO or attending an event. In addition to events (to be announced) in the upcoming school year, we will be holding recurring conversation groups to discuss topics regarding diversity in our community. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join.
Please keep an eye out for us in the new school year!
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