Sound of my Youth

Nicole Thompson, Lower School Director, guest blogs about the sound of her special childhood dinner bell, and how our preschoolers will now share in that experience since that bell is at Duke School.

In childhood I had a lot of freedom—mainly on long hot summer days! My two big brothers, the neighborhood kids and I would run free from backyard to backyard, swimming in the creek, riding bikes and bugging each other. As I think of these moments—dozens of these moments sound off in my head—but the strongest sound of them all is our family dinner bell.

When I was five or six, my mom bought an antique dinner bell for the yard and she used it to call Troy, Sean and me home from our escapades. The bell was an absolute—when our mom rang the bell, we knew that it was time to drop whatever we were doing and head for home—no excuses. That sound of that bell is the sound of my youth—it still echoes in my head and brings a gentle smile to my face.

Since returning from Winter Break, our preschool students will now get to hear our dinner bell, as it was just installed on the preschool playground to call the kids in after their outside time. My parents were excited to move the bell from their backyard after 40 years to our school. I hope soon you will hear it ring as you come and go from campus, and will take a moment to think about THAT SOUND from your childhood that brings up lovely memories.

Happy memories to you,

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