News & Resources: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

School Announcement: Duke School's Spring Break will remain as scheduled—April 13-April 17.

Protecting the health and safety of all our students, faculty, and staff at Duke School remains our utmost priority. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a situation we take seriously, and we are making decisions in concert with best practices of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). We have also reviewed the North Carolina Department of Health’s guidance for schools. The school has now transitioned to distance learning. Dave Michelman, Head of School, will be communicating with the community several times a week via email updates and Morning Meeting videos. 

"The situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve swiftly. Increasingly it is becoming the civic responsibility of individuals and institutions to work together to keep the community healthy, slow the pandemic and reduce the likelihood of our health system being overwhelmed."
~Dave Michelman, Head of School

Duke School's Head of School Communications

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  • Coronavirus Community Notice #8

    On Friday, April 3, the eighth Community Notice was emailed to all families. This notice share news of important school items including Spring Break, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Admission Ambassadors, Tech Support, Whole School Gathering, and the launching of Duke School Cares.
  • Coronavirus Community Notice #7

    On Tuesday, March 31, this Community Notice was emailed to all families. Duke School's mission is to "continue to have students develop CAPE* skills while learning from home."
  • Coronavirus Community Notice #6

    On Friday, March 27, this Community Notice was emailed to all families. We are now moving into our third week of distance learning.
  • Coronavirus Community Notice #5

    On Tuesday, March 24, the fifth Community Notice was emailed to all families. We are now in week two of distance learning.
  • Coronavirus Community Notice #4

    On Friday, March 20, the fourth Community Notice was emailed to all families. Duke School has officially transitioned to distance learning.
  • Preparing Families for Distance Learning

    On Monday, March 16, this Community Notice was emailed to all families. On Tuesday, March 17, Duke School will transition to distance learning.
  • Duke School to Transition to Distance Learning

    On Friday, March 13, this Community Notice was emailed to all families. On Monday, March 16, Duke School will have a Teacher Work Day with no school for students. On Tuesday, March 17, the school will transition to distance learning.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Duke School is closely monitoring news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). On Monday, March 9, 2020,  this Community Notice was emailed to all families. Please stay tuned to all school communications.

Questions Asked & Answered

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  • Q. Has anyone at Duke School been diagnosed with COVID-19?

    As of April 2, we know of at least one Duke School parent who has contracted COVID-19. Fortunately, they have recovered and neither the spouse or children displayed any symptoms of the disease.
  • Q. Access to Duke School campus and buildings? 

    All buildings are locked and alarmed. Employees will need a key and alarm code to enter the building (and then reset the alarm when you leave). Families needing access to buildings should contact the appropriate division director.
  • Q. When Will We Return to School?

    We will return as soon as it is safe according to the guidance of state and federal health officials.
  • Q. Will we have Parent/Teacher Conferences?

    We would like to integrate distance learning into the conferences and with all the work teachers are doing transitioning to distance learning. As of now, conferences are postponed.
  • Q. Will We Have a Spring Break?

    Yes! Spring break is scheduled for the week of April 13-17. We will have available a curated list of resources to help engage your children in non-school activities.
  • Q. Will parents be refunded for Big Fun Camps on April 2 and 3? 

    Yes. Refunds will be initiated by the Business Office. Parents do not need to request a refund.
  • Q. Will I be Charged for After School? 

    Duke School will not charge for After School or Before School after Thursday, March 12, or any month moving forward in which we are not physically having school on campus. However, we intend to continue to pay our after school staff for as long as possible. From a financial perspective our hourly workers are most vulnerable to the economic upheaval we are all enduring. To that end, if it is possible, we ask after school parents to donate some portion of those saved monies for the after school staff by CLICKING HERE. In the comment space, note the contribution is for the after school staff.
  • Q. Is the School Considering Helping Families Financially who Are Impacted by the Economic Upheaval?

    While our initial work has been focused on health and distance learning, we are acutely aware of the financial fallout this is causing for many of our families. Duke School has always been committed to working with families during difficult times. Indeed, we pioneered a Recession Grant during the Great Recession. While no final solution has been reached, we are confident the school will find ways to work with families so they can continue to have their children benefit from a Duke School education for the remainder of the year and for years to come.
  • Q. Who should I contact with questions?

    • For questions related to Preschool/Lower School, please contact Nicole Thompson.
    • For questions related to Middle School, please contact Jenny Murray.
    • For questions related to Admissions, please contact Linda Vargas.
    • For questions related to billing, tuition, campus cleaning or any other financial or operations related issues, please contact Russell Rabinowitz.
    • For questions related to fundraising or the capital campaign, please contact Kenneth Chandler.
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