High School Planning

We are dedicated to helping students succeed at Duke School and beyond. As eighth grade families begin their search for high school, our Middle School counselor provides guidance and advises families throughout the planning process of high school placements. 

In the final year of the Duke School experience we work closely with eighth grade students and their parents to identify the next best placement for high school. Preparing our students to be productive and happy at the next level is critical to the thinking of both teachers and administrators at Duke School.Parents will receive information about the high school application process and deadlines, letters of recommendations, and how to find the school that best suites your student. 

Duke School alumni also return to lead a panel discussion about their high school experiences and life after Duke School!

high school planning panel talk

"Duke School has really shaped me into ways that I cannot explain. Public schools are VERY different, especially Cedar Ridge. More people, options to fill up your time, and your future in your hands. It's really exciting but also terrifying at the same time. But with Duke School's ways still in the back of my mind and forever will be, I'm sure I'll do fine."

~ Duke School Graduate,

Class of 2013