Our Middle School

The Duke School Middle School is a community of learners where teachers are guides and partners with students in a relationship of mutual respect and trust. 

We design our Middle School around the characteristics and needs of young adolescents, understanding and respecting their unique developmental stage. During this time,  unprecedented physical, social, and emotional changes coincide with intellectual, conceptual, and moral development, enabling young people to develop intellectual and personal potential successfully. 

Students are challenged to develop superior thinking skills and reach ambitious academic goals while developing self-confidence and self-reliance. Curiosity and creativity are valued in an atmosphere that celebrates a zest for living and learning. Individual differences are recognized and cherished, while cooperation and a sense of community unite the school. The Middle School nurtures an understanding of and appreciation for the arts, assists students in their moral and ethical development, and instills in students that they are citizens of a global community, sharing responsibility for it. 

At a glance

The Middle School includes grades 5 through 8.

Students in Middle School have one small group advisory that meets daily.

Students have four core-subject teachers.

Duke School's Middle School continues the tradition of the Lower School by offering an integrated, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and by applying sound educational practices based on research and the experience of its teachers. Students are actively engaged in an experientially rich, hands-on program of study in classrooms that serves as working models of curriculum design and instructional methods. Parent involvement enhances and strengthens this learning community. We are committed to sharing our experiences with the broader educational community and participating in the public dialogue regarding effective middle schools.

Students from Duke School, our middle schools in cary nc, smiling outside


Middle School