High School Planning

At Duke School, we understand that the transition to high school can be exciting and daunting for students and their families. With so many options locally and nationally, we partner with families in Middle School to ensure that high school placement is smooth, clearly communicated, and thoughtfully tailored to the needs of each student.

We are committed to guiding and supporting our 8th grade families every step of the way. Our comprehensive high school planning process begins as early as 7th grade and becomes more immersive in 8th grade, ensuring that families feel confident in their student's placement upon graduation.

In 7th grade, we lay the foundation for high school planning by introducing students and their families to the various aspects of the process. We provide valuable resources and information sessions to familiarize them with the landscape of high school options, including both independent and public schools, locally and beyond.

As students progress to 8th grade, our high school planning efforts become more enveloping. One of the highlights of our program is the High School Alumni Panel, where former Duke School students who are currently attending high school share their experiences and insights with our 8th graders and their families. This panel offers invaluable firsthand perspectives that help families make informed decisions about their next academic journey.

Additionally, we host a High School Fair that brings together representatives from various high schools, both independent and public. This fair is attended by 7th-grade parents and caregivers, as well as 8th-grade students and their families, providing an opportunity to explore different school options, ask questions, and gather information directly from admissions representatives.

Throughout the process, our middle school teachers play a crucial role in providing personalized guidance and support. They offer teacher recommendations based on each student's academic performance, strengths, and interests, helping to match them with the most suitable high school environments.

At Duke School, we are committed to empowering our students and their families to make informed decisions about their educational future. Our high school planning program is designed to alleviate any concerns and ensure that every student finds the best-fit high school to confidently continue their academic journey.

high school planning panel talk

"Duke School has really shaped me into ways that I cannot explain. Public schools are VERY different, especially Cedar Ridge. More people, options to fill up your time, and your future in your hands. It's really exciting but also terrifying at the same time. But with Duke School's ways still in the back of my mind and forever will be, I'm sure I'll do fine."

~ Duke School Graduate,

Class of 2013