Duke School has big...

I.D.E.A.S. for our future.

We are thinking BIG for our future. 

We are so proud of the school we have built today. At the same time, Duke School is not done growing, aspiring, and evolving. We understand that in order to support our exciting strategic mission and vision, and not just to keep up with best practices, we know our students and educators need more from our school in order to: 

  • To innovate on what an exceptional project-based learning experience means for a global, technology-oriented 21st century.

  • To anticipate what our students need right now to be successful in a world we can only imagine.

  • And to envision Duke School as a continued leader and pioneer in the progressive learning space.

To meet the needs for our exciting future, we are breaking ground on the Center for IDEAS in the Spring of 2023, with an anticipated completion date of Fall 2024.

The Center for IDEAS' purpose is to be the physical representation of Duke School's vision for Innovation, Discovery, Equity, Arts, and Social Justice. 

September 2023 Construction Update

A Look inside the Center for IDEAS