The Educators Institute at Duke School

What Visiting Educators Are Saying...

What Educators Are Saying...

Duke School hosts more than 200 educators a year!

"A very warm and welcoming school. The focus on project-based learning in conjunction with core conceptual knowledge has impressed me and has been very insightful. Small class size, individual attention and committed teachers will surely make Duke School students stand out in the world in times to come."
~Geetika Kharola, Rajajinagar Bangalore, India

"Duke School strikes a beautiful balance between academic achievement and personal growth for middle schoolers. A nurturing, yet goal-oriented, mind set helps build skills in students to prepare them as life long learners and productive citizens. Thanks for allowing me to spend this time with you."
~Mary Ann Marriott, Science Department Coordinator, Middle School Teacher, Episcopal Day School, Augusta, GA

"The culture of learning permeates the campus. Your students are polite, respectful, and focused. The teachers are open, energetic, and engaging. Evidence of best practices is everywhere, and the creative, child-centered approach to teaching and learning makes this school a unique place to learn. I will be taking back great ideas for my school, including suggestions for team-teaching, advisories, and project-based learning."
~Dana McFarland McGill, Humanities Department Coordinator & 8th grade LA teacher, Episcopal Day School, Augusta, GA

"I am very impressed with the progressive methodologies and teaching strategies taking place in the classrooms with the project-based learning. The students seem knowledgeable, excited and active in the learning process.
~Jennifer Helbing, Teaching & Learning Specialist, Darlington School

"I was very impressed with the design of the MS buildings. The design supports a team-teaching approach & provides the students more independence within an organized space. I was happy to learn more about the assessment measures and project approach to teaching. As we are moving forward, more emphasis on the project process rather than the finished product at our school. We will take away many great ideas from our visit. Thank you!"
~Kim Lysne, Middle School Director, Curriculum Director, Visual Arts, Davidson, NC

"Your project-based style of teaching is amazing to see in action. The children are obviously engaged, passionate about learning, and eager to share their insights. Your faculty obviously supports your philosophy and embraces one another through planning and discussion. Thanks for the inspirational visit! Come to Rome anytime!"
~Rebekah Kinney, Darlington School.

"I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. You guys are ahead of the curve with 21st-century teaching & learning. I'm taking away so much that we can use."
~James Hutchins, Middle School Director

"I thoroughly enjoyed the way the students took ownership of what they learned. They were proud and knowledgeable of their subject area in a very impressive way. Their knowledge and presentation skills were strong. They showed confidence and pride. I enjoyed the way the classrooms were set-up and the belief in the ability of children is very strong at Duke School which is fabulous to see. I have to also say that I felt like a celebrity while visiting your school."
~Victoria Wreden-Sadeq, Studio Teacher & Collaborating Teacher, Dorie Henderson Newcomers School

Educators Visit Us Throughout the Year!

Anonymous Gems!

"Thank you for sharing your work with fellow educators. You all are wonderful!"

"Terrific! Well-organized-covered so much useful info-very eye opening with great ideas. You included so much good info on how to implement- steps to take."

"Great info. I really enjoyed touring classrooms."
"Highly engaging, appreciated the time to see project work in action."

"Thanks you for letting us go into classrooms and observe. All questions were answered and examples were great."

"Yes, presenters did a great job sharing their knowledge and the work the children and teachers are doing. Loved being here!"
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