Duke School Summer Camp 2020

Week 7, July 27-31

Camp Discovery: Under the Sea
Ages 4-5
Join us for a week filled with water and sea creatures. We’ll dip in the pools each day, create amazing pictures with sand, and learn all about sea turtles, whales, and other sea inhabitants. So wear your bathing suits and bring an extra set of clothes to change into and beat the heat of summer.
Director: Amanda Sublett
Must Love Dogs: Project in a week
Ages 7-10
Calling all dog lovers for a fast-paced, project in a week camp. Campers will undergo phases one, two and three...all in a matter of five fun-filled days. Guest experts will include a dog trainer, seeing eye dog, K-9 dog, and therapy dog. A culmination will be held on Friday afternoon for friends and family! Please Note: Visiting educators will also be in attendance to support Carolynn and learn about Duke School project work.
Director: Carolynn Klein

Building & Coding Robots with Hummingbird 
Ages 6-10
Have you ever wanted to design and create your own robot? Have you ever wondered about how computers work and how they communicate? You’ll do all of this and you’ll have a blast all week long creating and programming your own original working robot!
In Cooperation with TechTerra Education

Crafts and Cakes
Ages 6-9
Baking cookies, cakes, and anything sweet in the morning and crafting in the afternoon. Crafts will include painting, nature activities, and growing plants in our own room. Join Crafts and Cakes for a full day of treats and creativity. 

Strategic Gaming
Ages 10-15
Serious fun! Games help us hone our skills in strategic problem solving—but they’re fun, too! We will explore a variety of strategic games to challenge your thinking. We’ll teach new games each day. From traditional tile games like Carcassonne, cooperative games like Pandemic, to deck building games like Dominion, will you be victorious? This popular camp returns with some classics, as well as some new challenges!
Director: Meghan Morris
Young Explorers: Nature, Art, and Cooking
Ages 6-9
Here’s your chance to take walks in the woods, play in the creek, make nature-inspired art, and prepare different foods! Campers will learn how to prepare foods from guacamole to pasta, to cookies, and have fun eating them for snack. Additionally, we will create paper mache animals and other art projects. This is a great camp for creative, adventurous, and outdoor-loving young people. Remember to bring extra shoes that you can walk in the creek with!
Everything Water
Ages 8-15
Everything water, every day! We'll go to the pool, canoeing or kayaking, perfect our water balloon tactics, swish down the slip n' slide, make ice pops, take a trip to Jordan Lake, go ice skating and many more fun, water-themed activities. Come and beat the heat with us!

Virtual Reality 3D Game Design
Ages 10-15
Campers build amazing Virtual Reality compatible 3D video games using the Unity 3D platform, a widely used pro game making tool, as they learn to code their games using real code. Then their games turn to life, as campers dive inside Virtual Reality to explore their games first hand in a virtual environment that they created themselves!
Offered in Cooperation with CodeREV

Rock N Roll Camp
Age 10-15
For the eighth year, Duke School is proud to present DRAGONS ROCK N ROLL! Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished player, we've got a band for you! Join camp director Jim McConnell for an incredible week of rock n' roll. Campers participating in Rock N' Roll camp are grouped with other campers based upon age, ability and musical interests. During the week campers work on classic rock tunes and other jams! Each band is assigned a producer who prepares the band for its debut performance. After a week of instruction, rehearsals, and teamwork, bands will take the stage and perform a set in our camp concert! Drum sets and keyboards provided.
Director: Jim McConnell

Middle School Academic Camp
Ages 9-15
Campers will do a variety of activities, games, exploration, and learning that will orient them and introduce (or re-introduce) them to middle school academics, organizational systems, research, and the importance of grit and keeping a positive attitude and outlook. Focuses include what they don’t know yet (if they’re rising fifth, such as topics they may have touched upon in fourth but are not yet fluent with, like the decimal system and working with decimals) and what they do or should know (nuts & bolts academics - grammar, reading comprehension, research, and math facts and fluency). There will also be time allotted for regular camp things, games, outdoor time, snacks, etc., in order to break up the monotony and keep the day fun and exciting for all campers.
Director: Mike Szott
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