Duke School Summer Camp 2020

Week 6, July 20-24


Camp Discovery: Construction Zone
Ages 4-5
Do you like working with wood? Using a hammer and nails? Have you ever worked with wire and other recycled materials? Put on your construction hats and we might even learn how a house is made. On Friday we will enjoy a water day so don’t forget to wear your swimsuits and bring a set of clothes to change into.
Director: Amanda Sublett

Land of LEGOs!
Ages 6-9
Do you love LEGOs? Come have a super week building a LEGO fortress, creating an unbeatable spaceship, and even baking LEGO cookies. Unleash your imagination, create your own designs and join the fun for some impressive LEGO building challenges along the way! Land of LEGOs provides opportunities to measure, build, collaborate and design with LEGOS, all while having a blast with friends. Come join the fun!
Cooking and Crafting
Ages 6-9
Campers will learn to make healthy snacks, dinner ideas, and easy eats. In the afternoon, crafts will include painting, ink drop painting, egg carton creations, and wood crafts. Join Cooking and Crafts to learn how to make good food and cute crafts!

Minecraft Level Design
Ages 6-10
Campers learn the ins and outs of level design and game design while learning to engineer amazing contraptions and levels in Minecraft by using Red Stone and command blocks! Campers build and design architectural marvels as they dive deep into Minecraft's creative potential. This class offers thrills AND education alike as campers explore their inner Da Vinci in a STEAM format perfect for Minecraft lovers.
Offered in Cooperation with CodeREV
Movie Makers
Ages 8-15
Campers will film their own videos using iMovie. Genres include nature films, dramatic comedies, action movies, and biopics. We’ll get into all of the film making crafts, such as writing scripts, scouting locations, directing, and sound mixing. These Movie Makers will study famous short films and screen their own creations for their friends.

Middle School Study Skills Referesher Camp
Ages 9-15
Campers will do a variety of activities, games, exploration, and learning that will orient them and introduce (or re-introduce) them to middle school academics, organizational systems, research, and the importance of grit and keeping a positive attitude and outlook. Focuses include what they don’t know yet (if they’re rising fifth, such as topics they may have touched upon in fourth but are not yet fluent with, like the decimal system and working with decimals) and what they do or should know (nuts & bolts academics—grammar, reading comprehension, research, and math facts and fluency). There will also be time allotted for regular camp things, games, outdoor time, snacks, etc., in order to break up the monotony and keep the day fun and exciting for all campers.
Director: Mike Szott
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