Duke School Summer Camp 2020

Week 5, July 13-17

Camp Discovery: We Are One
Ages 4-5
During this week, we will explore food, stories, culture, games, and crafts from around the world. We will learn how we are alike and how we are different. Mancala anyone? On Friday, we will enjoy a water day so don’t forget to wear your swimsuits and bring a set of clothes to change into.
Directors: Amanda Sublett

The Purr...fect Pet: Project In A Week
Ages 7-10 (Rising 2nd-5th Graders)
Come explore both common and unique pets in this fast-paced project in a week. Children will engage in all three phases of project work, learn from guest experts, take a field experience to a local pet store, and represent their learning along the way. There will be a culmination on Friday at 2 PM for friends and family. This camp is intended for rising second through fifth graders. Please note, there will also be educators observing and learning alongside the children during this exciting week.
Director: Carolynn Klein
Land of LEGOs!
Ages 6-9
Do you love LEGOs? Come have a super week building a LEGO fortress, creating an unbeatable spaceship, and even baking LEGO cookies. Unleash your imagination, create your own designs, and join the fun for some impressive LEGO building challenges along the way! Land of LEGOs provides opportunities to measure, build, collaborate and design with LEGOS, all while having a blast with friends. Come join the fun!

Super STEM Cyber Spy
Ages 6-10
Harriet the Spy, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew all have one thing in common. They solve mysteries. Now you can too! Learn about tools real spies use to solve crimes. Be a detective with robotic and coding tools!
In Cooperation with TechTerra Education
Crafts and Cakes
Ages 6-9
Baking cookies, cakes, and anything sweet in the morning and crafting in the afternoon. Crafts include painting, nature activities, and growing plants in our own room. Join Crafts and Cakes for a full day of treats and creativity. 

Sports Variety
Ages 6-9
Get in the game! Sports Variety camp offers an assortment of positive sports experiences for your child while also emphasizing good sportsmanship, developing good character, the value of regular exercise, and the importance of working together as a team. Campers will venture off campus for some more adventures that may include trips to Jordan Lake, bowling, Triangle Sportsplex, and others. Campers will have a memorable week both indoors and out!

A Little Big of Everything Camp
Ages 10-15
In this fun camp, we will do some cooking, kitchen safety, and food safety—culminating with a cook-off by the campers. Campers will also be baking, measuring, and learning the science of baking. We did say a little bit of everything right? Campers will also learn to make and take home DIY face masks, bath bombs, and soap. Finally, we will, of course, be adding some more fun to the camp with glitter and some art along with a little bit of yoga. If you want a camp that will keep you on your toes all week this is the camp for you.
Roblox Studio Game Design: Build games with Lua Code 
Age 8-12
Roblox is one of the hottest places on the universe to make games, with cutting edge graphics and new, amazing, game building tools. In our Roblox Game Design course, kids use Roblox’s built-in editor to create 3D worlds and then use the popular LUA coding language to code game actions, elements and mechanics. CodeREV Roblox campers also learn how to publish and share their game to the Roblox community world-wide!
Offered in Cooperation with CodeREV
Make a Difference in Durham
Ages 10-13
Join us for a week of helping others in the Durham community. Each day will focus on a different opportunity that connects campers with local organizations through community service. Projects may include building dog houses to benefit Habitat for Humanity, helping out at Meals on Wheels, sorting and stocking food at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, lending a hand at Book Harvest and more. Learn about volunteer opportunities in our community while helping make Durham a better place for everyone!
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