Duke School Summer Camp 2020

Week 4, July 6-10


Camp Discovery: Duke Forrest Adventures
Ages 4-5
Duke Forest Adventures: A fun-filled week doing nature crafts, hiking and playing in the forest, and taking a walking trip to explore Mud Creek. Bring your boots and your curiosity and we’ll see what is hidden in the forest this summer.
Director: Amanda Sublett

Tennis Camp
Ages 5-15
This tennis summer camp will bring to the court a fun introduction to the game of tennis. Students focus on improving fine motor skills and coordination through games and drills while learning the basic rules & etiquette of tennis. Coaches use teachable moments during lessons and games to promote life skills like honesty and sportsmanship. We hope to see you there!
Ages 6-9
Problem-solvers and puzzlers unite! We will work on jigsaw puzzles, complete scavenger hunts, and find the correct pathway in “human maze”. We will also get crafty, making our own puzzles and creating our own board games! This camp combines problem-solving and creativity. We will make paper airplanes and test them, seeing what makes the airplanes fly farthest, highest, or fastest. After crafting, we will break up our day by getting up to dance and move to Go Noodle games. 
Coding Adventures
Ages 6-10
Campers build amazing games, art, and animation using the power of Code! Perfect for both beginner and intermediate coders—Coding Adventures has something for every aspiring coder as campers create fun experiences using both drag and drop code and real Javascript and Python code for our more advanced grade levels.
Offered in Cooperation with CodeREV

Wilderness Survival and Japanese Sword Camp 
Age 8-15 
Do your kids like getting dirty, playing in the woods, or having adventures? Of course they do! Prepare your child for their next adventure by sending them to train with us in "Survival Camp." The area's top instructors will lead your children through a week of wilderness exploration as they learn about survival shelter construction, camouflage skills, fire safety, navigation, lost proofing, and problem solving. They will get lots of exercise while they experience the natural world around them. This camp is perfect for kids who already spend a lot of time outdoors and for those who could use a little more time outside. Side benefits of this camp include a sense of self-reliance, and an understanding of the importance of teamwork, leadership training, and a sense of appreciation for the things that they have.  

In the afternoon, campers will take their skills to the next level and learn what made the ninja of Japan legendary!  The ninja may seem mysterious, but the origin of their name is not. The word 忍者ninja derives from the Japanese characters "nin" and "sha,” literally meaning “person who perseveres,” but over time legend led it to mean, "one who hides or conceals" or "one who moves stealthily." The ninja originated in the mountains of Japan over 800 years ago as clandestine practitioners of ninjutsu, the martial art of invisibility deception. The ninja operated as military spies and trained in disguise, concealment, geography, meteorology, medicine, and combat. It was their unique skill set and unstoppable spirit that formed the legend of the ninja as we know it today. Do you want to be a ninja?? Campers will take their skills to the next level and learn what made the ninja of Japan legendary!
Offered in Collaboration with Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts
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