Duke School Summer Camp 2020

Week 2, June 22-26

Fun and Fitness
Ages 4-5
Everyone is an athlete in this fun, games and sports-filled camp! Our campers will improve their gross motor skills and gain self-confidence in an enjoyable non-competitive atmosphere. We will also learn how to prepare nutritious and healthy snacks to gain our energy back at the end of a busy day.
Director: Eman Elmahi

Sound of Music
Ages 6-10
Do you enjoy singing and putting on a musical? During our week together, we will sing songs from this famous show and add instruments and movement. At the end of the week, we will share what we have created with parents and friends!  
Director: Megan Whitted

Solar Science and Robotics
Ages 6-10
Look up at the sky, but only for an instant, what do you see? If you’re looking up during the daytime, shield your eyes and join us for solar science and see the power of our closest star, the sun, in action. Learn about solar power and how we harness the sun's tremendous energy. You’ll cook—no stove needed, and learn how to make robots, powered only by the sun!
In Cooperation with TechTerra Education

Summer Blast!
Ages 6-9
Like to be active? Come have a ton of fun at Duke School’s Summer Blast Camp! Join us for a week of group games, card games, board games, creating crafts, art projects, and baking yummy treats. We'll also find time to explore the nearby trails of Duke Forest, and cool off in the creek when it gets hot!

Science Fiction and Creative Wiring
Ages 9-15
Do you like getting lost in the world of books? Would you like to learn the tools necessary to create your own imaginative universe? In Science Fiction Creative Writing, you will learn from the master’s of this genre and use their work to inspire stories of your own! By the end of the course, a blank sheet of paper will no longer represent a wasteland, but rather a canvas of possibilities.
Crafts and Cakes
Ages 6-9
Campers will spend this week in the kitchen baking sweet treats every day! In the afternoon, campers will be baking cookies, cakes, and anything sweet! Crafts include painting, nature activities, and growing plants in our own room. Join Crafts and Cakes for a full day of treats and creativity. 
Farm to Table
Ages 6-9
Do you like to cook, stitch, and sew? Then this is the camp for you! During our week together, we will visit a local farm and our community garden and cook with the foods from both. Additionally, we will stitch and sew items to use in our kitchen. Students will take home projects such as stitchery kitchen towels, painted napkins, and a pot with seeds to grow. 

Chefs in Training
Ages 11-15
Want to learn how to cook a cheap and delicious meal in less than 30 minutes? Want to experiment with new fruits, vegetables, meats, and ways of cooking such as vegetarian and vegan? Come join us for Chefs in Training during summer camp!
REV Engineers
Ages 10-15
Campers enter into the world of engineering and robotics with Arduinos as they wire, build, and code their custom Creator Bots! This class is great for the hands-on tinkerers and engineers of tomorrow who love to figure out how things work and put robots and circuits together. We also focus on the code - as campers code their Creator Bots to conquer fun challenges and then learn to code their Arduinos to integrate motors, lights, sounds, claws, sensors, and more! Campers race their bots at the end of the week!
Offered in Cooperation with CodeREV
Google Innovation and Creation Camp (Formerly Makers Camp)
Ages 10-15
Welcome to the Google Affiliated Innovation and Design camp movement! Innovation and Design are inspired by the maker movement, which brings together people who like to create, make and explore - all while having FUN! Campers in Innovation and Design Camp will have opportunities to tinker, question, experiment, try something new, challenge themselves, work in teams, and get a little messy! Join us for a week of “making” awesome projects, virtual "field trips," and connecting with like-minded young makers from around the world on Google+. Innovation and Design Camp will inspire your camper to embrace their inner maker, get their hands dirty, fix some things, break some things, and have a lot of fun doing it!
 Willie Nicholson
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