Summer Entrepreneurship Program at UNC-CH

Young Founders Institute: Entrepreneurship Summer Program at UNC-Chapel Hill

Does your child have an entrepreneurial spirit?  Foster that spirit this summer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill campus! 

Students will learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, top university business school professors, and industry experts like David Cohen from Shark Tank.

This immersive program is only for aspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious students, aged 12 through 17. 

Your entrepreneur will have the opportunity to launch their own company, build foundations in technology, sales, marketing, and product design—or grow an existing startup. They will learn how to find more customers, scale a business, and build their team. 

We believe entrepreneurial-minded kids learn best by translating knowledge into action. Your child will additionally acquire the soft skills of leadership, team management, communication, and business psychology. 

This summer program is all about active learning and FUN. This is a great opportunity for your aspiring entrepreneur to live on campus and have a fun & safe college experience.


The application process does not involve essays, but instead centers around a student interview. Selection criteria is not academically driven or GPA centric—instead we look for soft skills and the capacity for ambition, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit.  

Young Founders Institute has a rolling admissions process, with a keen focus on building a nationwide community of ambitious and entrepreneurial youth. Join our community of doers this summer.

Session Dates: 
  • June 14th — June 27th 
  • July 5th — July 17 
  • July 19th — July 31st
Schedule Options:
  • Residential (overnight, UNC dorms) 
  • Commuter (Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm)
  • Rising 7th — 9th Grade
Gender: Coed


University of North Carolina (UNC) — Chapel Hill Campus

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