Duke School Summer Camp 2019

Week 1, June 17-21

Camp Discovery: Fun with Math
Age 4-5
Math is so much fun!  In this camp we will play with numbers, patterns and engage in different counting activities.  We will also create art, play games both inside and outside and so much more.  We will have a fun week full of math, math and more math that will have your child thinking like a mathematician.
Directors: Eman Elmahi & Jennifer Harris
Stretch & Explore: Kids Yoga, Art, and Exploration Camp
Age 6-9
In this camp, students will learn mindfulness techniques to help them emotionally regulate, build meaningful relationships, and focus on the fullness of life, all in a fun and accessible environment. Each day will include yoga, art, outdoor time, and free play while incorporating mindfulness into each activity. We will include a surprise activity each day to learn about all facets of healthy living, including cooking, listening walks, scavenger hunts, and more.
Director: Emily Behr

Marvelous Math
Age 6-9
Campers with engage in a wide variety of math games and activities to enhance their math skills. Activities will be designed to encourage exploration and stimulate problem solving skills. Campers will participate in mini lessons and stations to improve their mathematical capabilities in a positive and supportive environment.
Director: Christine Caffarello

Cooking and Crafting
Ages 6-9
Join Emily Grace in making all kinds of foods! Campers will learn to make healthy snacks, dinner ideas, and easy eats. In the afternoon, crafts include painting, ink drop painting, egg carton creations, and wood crafts. Join Cooking and Crafts to learn how to make good food and cute crafts!
Director: Emily Grace Allman

Super Heroes
Age 6-10
Ever wondered... How did Spiderman create his web? And what’s that web actually made of? What are the properties of Kryptonite that made Superman so weak? And how does he regain his strength? Learn how Super Heroes use real science and real technology to help them defeat the bad guys. And get the chance to imagine and create your own super powers using robotics and high tech!
Offered in Cooperation with TechTerra Education

Creative Fun
Ages 7-10
Come join us for some fun summer crafts and activities! We will offer sewing, cooking, and other fun crafts to unleash your creativity. We will also spend some time each day playing games and, to beat the heat, we are planning some water fun!
Directors: Edie Poole & Tracie Deloatch
Wilderness Survival and Japanese Sword Camp
Age 8-15
Do your kids like getting dirty, playing in the woods, or having adventures? Of course they do! Prepare your child for their next adventure by sending them to train with us in "Survival Camp." The area's top instructors will lead your children through a week of wilderness exploration as they learn about survival shelter construction, camouflage skills, fire safety, navigation, lost proofing, and problem solving. They will get lots of exercise while they experience the natural world around them. This camp is perfect for kids who already spend a lot of time outdoors and for those who could use a little more time outside. Side benefits of this camp include a sense of self-reliance, and an understanding of the importance of teamwork, leadership training, and a sense of appreciation for the things that they have.  
In the afternoon, campers will take their skills to the next level and learn what made the ninja of Japan legendary!  The ninja may seem mysterious, but the origin of their name is not. The word 忍者 ninja derives from the Japanese characters "nin" and "sha,” literally meaning “person who perseveres,” but over time legend led it to mean, "one who hides or conceals" or "one who moves stealthily." The ninja originated in the mountains of Japan over 800 years ago as clandestine practitioners of ninjutsu, the martial art of invisibility deception. The ninja operated as military spies and trained in disguise, concealment, geography, meteorology, medicine, and combat. It was their unique skill set and unstoppable spirit that formed the legend of the ninja as we know it today. Do you want to be a ninja?? Campers will take their skills to the next level and learn what made the ninja of Japan legendary!
Offered in Collaboration with Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts
NC Adventures
Ages 9-15
A different North Carolina adventure every day! Our travels might take us to cool North Carolina sites such as West Point on the Eno, swimming at Jordan Lake, a Durham Bulls game, rock climbing, fun playing games, and sports at Duke School, or somewhere else! Each day is a new excursion and a new adventure. Join us!
Director: Aden Darity

Modding in Minecraft
Ages 9-15
Campers will create powerful teleporting swords, humorous blocks, amazing mobs, bows that shoot arrows that summon ender dragons, entire worlds, and other insane items, all through the power of Java programming! Perfect for both the beginning coder and the advanced Java Modding aficionado, Modding is our most popular Macro class! Our unique modding curriculum allows campers to customize their mods and create what they want using code.
Director: CodeREV
Innovation and Design Camp
Age 10-15
Welcome to the Google Affiliated Innovation and Design camp movement! Innovation and Design is inspired by the maker movement, which brings together people who like to create, make and explore - all while having FUN! Campers in Innovation and Design Camp will have opportunities to tinker, question, experiment, try something new, challenge themselves, work in teams, and get a little messy! Join us for a week of “making” awesome projects, virtual "field trips," and connecting with like-minded young makers from around the world on Google+. Innovation and Design Camp will inspire your camper to embrace their inner maker, get their hands dirty, fix some things, break some things, and have a lot of fun doing it!
Director: Willie Nicholson
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