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Emergency & Weather Information

For the latest Duke School news and updates in light of COVID-19, please visit: www.dscares.org.

Duke School's Closing and Delayed Openings Communication Procedure

We closely monitor threats of inclement weather. In the event of school closings or delayed openings, decisions will be made by 6 AM and will be announced on the Duke School site, through a blast phone call to the primary emergency contact number, text message (if requested) e-mail and shared on select news stations including ABC11 WTVD and WRAL-TV.

If the school must close early, we will announce this via e-mail notices and blast phone calls and texts to all emergency contact numbers/e-mail addresses on file. If this is the case, please expect multiple messages.

Since Duke School does not operate buses, we tend to open more readily than public schools do in inclement weather. Please know that your safety and that of your family are most important, we trust each of you will use your own best judgment. Please feel welcome to pick up a child early or keep your child home if inclement weather threatens and you feel it is necessary to do so.