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Duke School strives to be very active on social media. Below are our most popular social media platforms and some of the reasons why you should connect with us!

  • Follow us on Twitter to receive regular updates about what is happening at Duke School. 
  • Stay connected to the Duke School community by liking us on Facebook
  • Expand your professional network and connect with us on LinkedIn
  • Follow us on our newest platform, Instagram, for visuals of our #OnlyAtDukeSchool moments.

Duke School also believes in fostering lifelong relationships and celebrating the success of its alumni. Who are Duke School alumni? Anyone who has graduated (completed eighth grade) or ever attended Duke School! 

  • Are you a Duke School alumni, alumni parent or former teacher? Join our Duke School Alumni Facebook Group to reconnect with former classmates and teachers and keep in touch with Duke School.
  • Looking for professional networking? Join Duke School's Alumni Network on LinkedIn, a networking resource for alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of Duke School. Members can also view and post job openings targeting Duke School alumni in this group. 

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