DEJB Updates: Scholarship for Equity in Education & The Duke School Teaching Fellows Program

DEJB Updates: Scholarship for Equity in Education & The Duke School Teaching Fellows Program

Duke School Announces the Scholarship for Equity in Education (SEE Program) 

In collaboration with the Board of Trustees, Duke School piloted its very first scholarship program, the Scholarship for Equity in Education (SEE), in the spring of 2022. Designed to foster an environment where diversity, equity, and belonging thrive, the SEE Program offers scholarships to new students from historically underrepresented groups, helping to offset tuition costs, support leadership programming, and enrich the learning environment at Duke School.

The SEE Program was endowed in the fall of 2022 through a $1,000,000 gift from an anonymous donor family. The family offered this incredibly generous gift–the largest in the school’s history and the first to endow educational programming–in support of Duke School’s vision to continue to advance as an inclusive community intentionally rich with diversity, a vision the donors share. We are thrilled to continue the SEE Program this fall, supported by this gift, and confident about the SEE Program’s transformative impact on our future.


The Duke School Teaching Fellows Program 

Aligned with Duke School’s goals to inspire life-long learning for all, foster teacher research, and hone teacher expertise, we have launched the Duke School Teaching Fellows Program. The Duke School Teaching Fellows Program will provide aspiring and early career educators from historically underrepresented groups the opportunity to hold a one- or two-year full-time fellowship at Duke School. 

Fellows are full participants in the classroom experience, gaining firsthand knowledge in curriculum, classroom management, lesson planning, time management, and other areas of teaching. Each Fellow benefits from regularly scheduled meetings with mentors, the Director of Equity, Justice, and Belonging, and the Division Director. Each Fellow will be able to participate in professional development offered through Duke School’s Educators Institute and receive career counseling as they prepare to move into the field of education. 

Duke School has named its first Fellow to begin on November 1. Kenya Bryant will serve as a Lower School Teaching Fellow, beginning her rotation in Kindergarten. Kenya is completing her teaching certification at William Peace College in Raleigh.  In accepting this appointment, Kenya states, “I’m excited to start this journey at Duke School. I’m so honored to be the first Teaching Fellow. The project work of the students here at Duke School is impressive, and I am excited that the students are so involved in the learning process.  I’m excited to learn along with the students.”


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