Alumni Outcomes

Duke School offers a unique program that challenges students by offering them an opportunity to be active partners in their education. After eighth grade, they leave our community and face educational experiences that may be far different from Duke School but with a firm sense of agency when it comes to their education. 

Perhaps more important than our quantitative achievements are our qualitative ones. For example, high school teachers love having Duke School graduates in their classrooms. Our graduates are also viewed as "teacher allies" motivated by a quest for knowledge rather than the pursuit of a grade.

Duke School graduates continue to find educational success well into college and beyond. Graduate college selections range from out-of-state colleges, such as Harvard, Williams, and Yale, to a diverse assortment of local colleges, such as Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Warren Wilson, and UNC-Asheville. Whatever their choice, Duke School graduates seek out unique opportunities that reflect their creativity and independence.

The graduating Duke School Class of 2018: Overall GPA of 4.1 in their first year of high school.
Math 4.50
Science 4.43
Social Studies 4.60
English/Literature 4.00
Foreign Language  4.00
Overall GPA


Duke School Graduates Collegiate Stats: Over 70% of Duke School alumni matriculate to highly selective colleges (Barron's College Rankings).