Athletics Program

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a host of Duke School activities and events are postponed for the fall 2020 semester including its Athletic Program, Band, Drama Production, Chorus, After School Program/Prime Time, Dragon Quests, and Big Fun Camp.

At Duke School, athletics contribute to many facets of adolescents' growth and development. Our interscholastic sports are available to rising sixth through eighth grade students. All students are required to have a physical form completed by a physician and returned to the Athletic Director prior to participation in practice or games. This program is very strong and has grown into an integral part of the Duke School experience for many students.

It is our expectation that each participant will grow and develop physically, intellectually, personally and socially from the experience of playing on an athletic team.

Physical growth and development is achieved by attaining improved sport skills and by increasing one's conditioning, coordination, endurance and general level of health and fitness. Intellectual growth comes as a result of learning rules, strategies and tactics of the sport.

Students achieve personal growth and development by increasing their self-confidence and self-discipline, learning how to compete fairly and cooperate effectively, understanding good sportsmanship and respect for authority and developing leadership skills.

Social growth comes from developing an understanding of teamwork, the responsibilities and rewards of team membership, meeting new people, developing friendships and having fun.

    Meet the Athletic Director

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      Brian Greene 

      Athletic Director & Middle School Physical Education Teacher

    Sports Offered

    Fall Season Sports (first day of school thru the end of October)
    Cross Country (Coed)
    Soccer (Boys)
    Volleyball (Girls)
    Tennis (Girls)

    Winter Season Sports (first of November thru first week of February)

    Basketball (Boys & Girls)
    Running Club (Coed)
    Ultimate Frisbee (Coed)

    Spring Season Sports (last week of February thru the first full week of May)
    Soccer (Girls)
    Tennis (Boys)
    Ultimate Frisbee (Coed)
    Lacrosse (Boys)
    Baseball (Duke School joins Carolina Friends School Team)