Our Advantage & Overview

Duke School is an independent preschool (three-year-olds) through eighth grade project-based school.

Duke School is the region's leading progressive, project-based institution, with a nationwide reputation. For over three-quarters of a century, we have encouraged and empowered students to think critically and compassionately, pose questions, wonder, dig deep, and truly find joy in discovery.

Students leave Duke School with the ability to think independently and critically.

They are prepared to take their place in the global community in which collaboration and strong communication skills are essential. Our students not only master skills of traditional academic disciplines, but they also develop a sense of self, community, and culture. Duke School graduates are given the tools to confidently solve many types of problems, focus on important details, work cooperatively, and resolve conflicts. 

Our Program

Our curriculum has two important aspects that provide for student learning needs. 

  • Systematic Instruction: Teachers plan activities to help children acquire skills and strategies
  • Integrated Project Work: Students conduct in-depth investigations of important topics and apply skills and strategies to solve real-world problems

Duke School has competency benchmarks at each grade level in all curricular areas. Our benchmarks serve as a guide rather than the driving force of our curriculum. Teachers set goals based on on-going formal and informal assessments of each child. 

What is Project Work?

A project is an in-depth investigation, worthy of student time, attention, and energy." As defined by Drs. Lilian Katz and Sylvia Chard