2022 Giving Tuesday: 100 New Gifts, A $15,000 Match and More!
Alexandria Turnley

Hello Dragon Community,

The 2022 Duke School Giving Tuesday was a success. Two anonymous donors provided a $15,000 challenge if 100 new gifts were made to Dragon Fund. The generous support of our DS community helped us to meet this challenge goal. As of today, we raised $59,225 and doubled parent participation. We are still counting as gifts continue to come via mail!

Your support helps us to continue to fulfill our mission of creating a campus of bold, creative, and critical thinkers. Gifts made during Duke School Giving Tuesday supported the following areas:

  • Dragon Fund - Duke School's unrestricted fund that provides immediate support to our operating budget
  • Supplemental Gap Fund - Funding to Duke School families who need additional support
  • DS Cares Emergency Grant Fund - Duke School's emergency assistance program

This year’s Giving Tuesday efforts helped us to get one step closer to achieving our goal of reaching 100% in 75 days. We are now 56% to that goal.  I hope you will join in to help us meet this goal as a school. 

A special thank you to each and every one of our donors for stepping up and helping us to make our 2022 Giving Tuesday a success.


Alexandria Turnley

Director of Dragon Fund


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