Capstone Projects Have Begun!
Duke School Communications

Excitement is palpable here at Duke School as our 8th-grade students kick off their Capstone projects. For the Class of 2024, this marks the commencement of their final project as students at Duke School, and the energy filling the air is electric.

The Capstone project is an opportunity for our students to delve deep into their passions, interests, and curiosities while honing critical skills in research, collaboration, and presentation. It's a culmination of their years of learning and growth, a chance to showcase their creativity, innovation, and commitment to making a difference in the world. Not familiar with Capstones? Check out the documentary DS Alum Ned Phillips '99 created with the class of 2023. 

As our students embark on this exciting endeavor, we invite you, our community, to join us in supporting them along the way. Whether you're an expert in a particular field, a professional with valuable insights to share, or simply someone passionate about education, we welcome your involvement in guiding our students as they finalize their topics and embark on their Capstone journeys.

If you're interested in lending your expertise and becoming a guest expert for our Capstone projects, please let us know. Your involvement will not only enrich the learning experience for our students but also foster meaningful connections within our community.

Additionally, stay tuned for the unveiling of a video documentary capturing the Capstone journey of the Class of 2024. Through this documentary, we aim to showcase the dedication, creativity, and perseverance of our students as they navigate through their final project at Duke School.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we embark on this exciting chapter with our 8th-grade students. Together, let's empower them to reach new heights and make a lasting impact through their Capstone projects.

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