Middle School Scholarships

scholarship for equity in education 

Since Duke School was established in 1947, we have built a community where all voices are valued and differences are celebrated.

As the leading progressive, independent school in the area for over 75 years, we understand the importance of nurturing an environment that brings unique voices together and offers our students opportunities to appreciate and consider varying perspectives. 

Intentionally shaping an environment where students see themselves in one another and mutually experience the richness of living and learning in a diverse environment is central to our vision. To continue our institutional work of fostering an environment where diversity, equity, and belonging thrive, Duke School has established the Scholarship for Equity in Education (SEE) program for new incoming Middle School students. 

Established in the 2022-23 school year, Duke School awards the Scholarship for Equity in Education to new students. Awards offset tuition costs annually for each year the student attends Duke School. Recipients do not need to reapply for the scholarship each year. Students must be admitted to Duke School to be considered for the Scholarship for Equity in Education. 

In addition, recipients will have a unique opportunity to participate in mentoring and leadership programs at the school under the guidance of the school’s Director of Equity, Justice, and Belonging.  

The Scholarship for Equity in Education is offered independently of other financial assistance programs of the school. Scholarship recipients may also apply for additional financial support through our Indexed Tuition program. 

We encourage families interested in this program to apply early, as there is a fixed annual budget for our Scholarship for Equity in Education (SEE) program.  

Scholarship Eligibility

Students eligible for this scholarship must be: 

  1. New to Duke School for the 2024-25 school year
  2. Entering 5th-8th grades
  3. Identify with one or more of the following underrepresented groups: Asian, African-American/Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American, Multi-racial, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander.  ​​

Scholarship Process

Selection is based on submission of questionnaire responses, interviews with our Director of Equity, Justice, and Belonging and a member of our Academic Team, and recommendations from teachers and community members. 

 To learn more about the application process for this scholarship, please contact Linda Vargas, Director of Enrollment Management

Students from Duke School, our middle school project based learning private school in Durham NC, working on a project
Student from Duke School, our private elementary school near raleigh nc, showing their project
Students from Duke School, our project based learning for middle school, working on a project
Two students from Duke School, our project based learning middle school, working inside of their classroom
Students from Duke School, our independent school in north carolina, working on a project
Students from Duke School, our north carolina independent school, singing inside the auditorium


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