Meet Our Graduates

Duke School graduates leave campus composed, confident, and ready for any challenge to come in a future that is impossible to know but not impossible to shape

At Duke School, our students experience the freedom to discover and develop their authentic selves in an environment of true belonging. They recognize and build on their strengths and exhibit a spirit of growth that frees them to become resilient risk-takers. They grow into empathetic leaders, compassionate citizens, creative problem-solvers, and independent thinkers. 

High School teachers and administrators often share that they can always spot a Duke School graduate, and note that our graduates listen thoughtfully, think critically, and engage deeply as students.

When our Alumni leave campus after eighth-grade, they are ready to confidently take the next steps in their journey as lifelong learners. Our graduates are poised and ready to succeed, no matter where their education takes them. This is the Duke School difference.

Discover more about our student outcomes and how our graduates leave us more than ready for a future we can only imagine.  


Entire 8th grade class of Duke School, our middle school near morrisville nc, sitting together outside
Entire 8th grade class of Duke School, our middle school near morrisville nc, standing with their diplomas

"Duke School's educational model did wonders for my self-confidence and motivation. Between having teachers who prioritized making themselves a friendly and open resource for their students and a project-based model that encourages students to take charge of their own learning and embrace their creativity, I feel confident designing and executing projects - but am never afraid to ask for help when I need it.  The emphasis on collaboration prepared me to stay true to myself and rely on internal rather than external validation, even in highly competitive and stressful academic environments."

"Even from my earliest days at Duke School, I have always known that I would be able to thrive and express my passions freely. I learned the value of hard work, what it takes to be a good student, how to be open, and how to help others."

"When I first arrived at Duke School, I was the student who would not try to be noticed, and never spoke in front of a group. It is because of the way this school encourages you to try and grow that I have become the person I am today - unafraid to perform, to speak up, and to create whatever I imagine."

"Not only did I learn science, math, history, and literature, but I have also learned how to be a critical thinker, develop my own ideas, and the importance of knowledge. I feel prepared with these skills for any new situation and challenge that comes my way."